Khark petrochemical complex, is located in Kharg island.
This island, has peered out of the water as a turtle-shell shaped coral island in the northwest part of the Persian gulf. Kharg island situated 57 kilometers northwest of Boushehr, is considered to be one of the coastal suburbs of Boushehr province. The geographical coordinates are  about 29°-15' in north latitude and 50°-20' of east longitude. The  island has an average altitude of 3 meters above sea level  with humid not weather.
Among the regional attractions of Kharg island, the remains of towers of silence from Sesani dynasty, Mir-Mohammad mausoleum with over 700 years of history, beautiful sand beaches, loose flocks of gazelles and fig trees and Indian crows are significant.



Due to exceptional topography and also suitable dept of water Kharg island is a perfect port for export of oil and petrochemical products and has gained its  importance in this respect.