Dear Madam/ Sir,
We hereby intend to buy the subject items as per attached specifications and would be much appreciated in receiving your best offer based on the following terms & conditions:
A.)Your quotation must be in the English or in Farsi language and shall include the following information:
Buyer : KPC (Khark Petrochemical Co.)
1- Currency:  Euro / GBP / AED / IRR
2- Term of delivery:  CIF/ CFR/ CPT or DDP
(to any Iranian main ports (or Tehran customs). (Ex-Work is not acceptable).
Note: for DDP delivery, payment would be made in local currency (IRR) but offer could be in foreign currencies. The exchange rate issued by ( Nima) Sana rate website would be applied at the date of payment.
3- Terms of payment L/C through Iranian bank if possible.
Other terms of payment would be done only after submission of original shipping documents for Central Bank’s endorsement), against their commercial invoice.
4- Earliest delivery time
5- Country of Origin
6- Validity of offer: Your offer should remain valid for minimum 3 months.
7- Custom's Tariff Number
8- Gross and Net weight of goods
9- Quotation should be given item by item according to the items given in our inquiry in order to avoid confusion and delay in finalizing the case.
B.) The following shipping documents are required:
1-Commercial Invoice,
2- Certificate of Origin certified by local chamber of commerce,
3-Packaging & Packing List, ( for each item including export-worthy (Sea/Air/ Truck) packing)
4- Full set of original transport documents
5- Manufactures or suppliers certificate of compliance.
6- Surveyor documents if any.
-    Technical offer should be submitted within the due date mentioned in Inquiry Table.
-    Commercial offer should be submitted only after official written confirmation from Khark Petrochemical Company within the due date. Offer should be valid for a period of 30 days for our decision within which bidder  has the right to withdraw of amend if any once it is awarded then no change can take place until full commitment of the transaction.
-    No price fluctuation after award or down payment will be accepted.
-    After awarding tender, 10% of total amount of order would be retained as performance guarantee (P. G) . If winner fails to deliver commodities for any reason, KPC has right to claim/ deduct the amount of performance guarantee from other orders.
-     New companies are requested to register with legalized documents, submitting company’s profile, top management designation, Turnover, shareholder, permanent address etc. and disclose evidence of any similar business/ activities with other Petrochemical companies. (Resource)
-    P.O will be issued to the best genuine & qualified bidder and the requested advance payment (if any) will be made against Bank Guarantee(B.G) /other sort of secured guarantees should be checked with KPC against their written approval.
-    KPC is having the right to reject /scrap the tender with no reasoning.


PHS-16358-KM 2023-02-20 2023-02-27 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16358
PHS-16419-KH 2023-02-13 2023-02-20 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16419
PHS-16430-KH 2023-02-13 2023-02-20 N.MOBASHER@KHIPC.COM , HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16430
PHS-16415-KH 2023-02-06 2023-0213 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM , HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16415
PHD-16423-KH 2023-01-23 2023-02-01 N.MOBASHER@KHIPC.COM , HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16423
PHS-16425-KH 2023-01-23 2023-02-01 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16425
PHS-16426-KH 2023-01-23 2023-02-01 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16426
PHS-16427-KH 2023-01-23 2023-02-01 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16427
PHS-16428-KM 2023-01-23 2023-02-01 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16428
PHS-16429-KH 2023-01-16 2023-01-23 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16429
PHS-16422-KH 2023-01-16 2023-01-23 N.MOBASHER@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16422
PHD-06352-KM 2023-01-04 2023-01-09 N.MOBASHER@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 06352
PHD-85538-KH 2023-01-02 2023-01-09 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 85538
PHS-16421-KH 2022-12-26 2023-01-09 N.MOBASHER@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16421
PHS-16419-KM 2022-12-26 2023-01-09 H.DEHGHAN@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16419
PHD-16396-KH 2022-12-19 2023-01-02 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16396
PHS-16417-KH 2022-11-28 2022-12-05 P.NAZARI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16417
PHS-16419-KM 2022-11-28 2022-12-05 N.MOBASHERI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16419
PSH-16420-KM 2022-11-28 2022-12-05 H.DEHGHANI@KHIPC.COM, HOMAYONPOUR@KHIPC.COM 16420